Sunday, November 25, 2007

You win, I win, and we all win

You win, I win, and we all win.
by Laijon Liu (2007.11.25)

In history I see
You were hanged on the cross,
that was built by political hand,
"Oh woman, behold thy Son."
On that cross you've won. You win.

In storm I see
Your leafy petal fell,fruit crushed,
trembling in riotous gushing winds,
but still, your blossom glowed
in a bitter smile. You win.

In world I see
vultures fly,wolves hunt in pack;
dough kneaded by powerful hand,
grape ground for the rich's wine,
But your word speaks to my mind.
You win.

In darkness I see
Your body were wrapped in shroud,
buried in tomb, covered by stone,
All secrets of unjust were sealed,
But morning light will break the dark sky.
You win.

In sleep I hear
Your ageless shout in silent present,
Slave to be free! Dream to be true!
As my hero said: "I have a dream..."
That one day we will all awake.
You win! I win. And we all win.


The power of God is in His love, mercy and forgiveness.
I have to remind myself when I put down words,
but I also have to be frank and truthful,
coz I don't make poem, but sit and capture,or receive.

So there are some part of this poemprayer I do not like,
and could not take them off coz I also need to be truthful.

I hope those will forgive me if I offend anyone by calling names.