Thursday, February 12, 2009

Light of the Body

Light of the Body
Laijon Liu 20090212

Bless the source, my Lord
It’s the spring of my life
Where I can draw my hope
And pour down a river

Cleanse the spring of my sorrow
Where bitter tears never dried
There I can wash off my griefs
And shed the streams of joy

Shine upon my windows, O light
Where my red roses are
So there I can adore each
And still fall in love

Poemprayer Note:
The light of the body is the eye.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Moon Night Prayer

The Moon Night Prayer
Laijon Liu 20090127

Oh you, the light of my being,
Please call out your shining dawn.
Now my night is too dark and long,
And a new day shall speedily come.
Haven’t you wailed for us on earth?
Or forgot your agony on the cross?
Shall I keep on counting the stars?
Or staring at the moon till she speaks?