Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Voice I Heard

Cup by cup,
I drank the blood colored wine,
that intoxicated my mind
and eased my lonely night.

Piece by piece,
I received the breaking bread,
that filled up my stomach
and got pass my starving day.

Needs and wants,
I strove for a temporary name,
But besides wine and bread,
what else to feed my quenching soul?

Week and weeks,
I stood and observed,
the rites of Eucharist
of my symbolic faith.

Coin and coins,
I drew them out,
For the offering tithe
of my whole lot robbery.

Hours and changes,
I counted them with my wits,
But besides these routines,
what else should be my ways?

Words for Word,
I held up my hands and prayed,
How come the house of prayer
became a stage of political play?

Speech for ballots,
preached through a sermon voice,
Echoing howls over the sheep field,
crossed the boundary of church and state.

Days and nights,
I stared at the shock and awe,
And hoped one day God brings me away
to a quite place, and enjoy some true peace.