Sunday, November 25, 2007

You win, I win, and we all win

You win, I win, and we all win.
by Laijon Liu (2007.11.25)

In history I see
You were hanged on the cross,
that was built by political hand,
"Oh woman, behold thy Son."
On that cross you've won. You win.

In storm I see
Your leafy petal fell,fruit crushed,
trembling in riotous gushing winds,
but still, your blossom glowed
in a bitter smile. You win.

In world I see
vultures fly,wolves hunt in pack;
dough kneaded by powerful hand,
grape ground for the rich's wine,
But your word speaks to my mind.
You win.

In darkness I see
Your body were wrapped in shroud,
buried in tomb, covered by stone,
All secrets of unjust were sealed,
But morning light will break the dark sky.
You win.

In sleep I hear
Your ageless shout in silent present,
Slave to be free! Dream to be true!
As my hero said: "I have a dream..."
That one day we will all awake.
You win! I win. And we all win.


The power of God is in His love, mercy and forgiveness.
I have to remind myself when I put down words,
but I also have to be frank and truthful,
coz I don't make poem, but sit and capture,or receive.

So there are some part of this poemprayer I do not like,
and could not take them off coz I also need to be truthful.

I hope those will forgive me if I offend anyone by calling names.

Friday, October 19, 2007

God, Shower Down Your Rain

Laijon Liu (2007.10.20)

God, shower down Your oily rain,
Your long-awaited drippling grace;
Stir Your mighty gushing winds,
Your awakening thundering bliss;
Shine upon Your golden ripened grains,
Your living seed for our unseen faith;
Show us Your kindly smiling face,
Your promised gift for our true peace.

This poemprayer is inspired from a very famous death poem, 'Do not stand at my grave and weep'. I deeply believe the author holds deep faith for God, death to him is new beginning. So I wrote this poemprayer, which also regards about death by borrowing the scenes from the poem: rain, winds, grains, snow for grace, bliss, faith, and peace.

Rain/Water cleanses, the flood, or baptism, bodily death and spiritually reborn.
Winds goes with thunder, voice of Almighty, Spirit of God, pronounces Law and Grace.
Grains, seeds, sow and grow, death to & for life, to God's triumphant time.
Snow, rest and peace.

Source Poem:
Collected From

An early version, printed by others on postcards:

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

Friday, October 5, 2007

God, I Can

by Laijon Liu 2007.10.05

God, I can see You in a mirror,
If I be humble and kind enough.

God, I can hear Your word of music,
If I seal my lips and focus.

God, I can stretch Your mighty hands,
If I am caring and generous.

God, I can speak in Your thunder,
If I be truthful and brave.

God, I can walk in Your famous sandals,
If my each step is for peace.

God, I can taste Your fruit of Wise,
If I grow a stomach of faith.

God, I can do all things You do,
If I truly follow the step of Grace.

God, I can serve Your will,
If I receive the message of Christ.

God, I can,
Coz/If in You I believe.

This poemprayer is to encourage all servants of Christ.
I think I sound pretty proud in this poemprayer, especially the last line. This to me is a self-examination poem, coz I don't ever recall I see God in a mirror, nor hear the word of music... I read and hear the words of Christ Jesus, but often wonder I really understand...
So, on the heading of the last line I put Coz/If to encourage/review when I need. I dare not to use "Coz" in every situation I know I am weak, and I pray I do not use "If" all my life, it is struggle now, but I believe one day I will take the "/If" off.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Prayer To My Suffering God

A Prayer To My Suffering God
by Laijon Liu (2007.10.04)
Edited by Dear Ms. Mary Fairchild

O Savior of my life,
Will you meet me in my death?
O Deliverer of my hope,
Will you free me in my peril?
O Healer of my soul,
Will you cure all my disease?

When I cry, shedding tears
Do you taste my bitterness?
When I strive, struggling to survive
Do you stand by and offer your hand?
When I give up, with shattered dreams
Do you pick up all the pieces?

O Listener of all my prayers,
In silence and thunders I wait for your answer.
O Comforter of my broken heart,
In lonely night I search for your solace.
O Helper of my weakened strength,
In unbearable burden I seek your relief.

O Maker of heavens and earth,
May I call you my God?
Even if I never know your name,
Even if I've done some shameful things,
Even if I betrayed you and ran away once.

But will you forgive me for all my wrongs?
Will you help me when I reach toward you with my tiny hands?
Will you grant me peace even though we battled all our lives?

People say you set the rules,
But I know you truly love.
When others judge my covers,
You attend my heart and mind.

When my road leads into dark storms,
You will light up my eyesight.
When I fall on hard ground,
You will lift me up to rise.

When I face hardship and scorn,
We will together share our portion.
When I suffer in a hopeless sickbed,
We will together battle in each breath.

When I'm lost alone and lingering,
You will be with me, and guide me home.
One day I'll die and depart,
But I truly believe
You will lift me up.

O God, our Savior, listen to our prayer.
Fill our hunger, heal our sickness,
Comfort our souls.
If you wish not to answer,
Then please wait for us,
Because we are about to shut our eyes.


This poem/prayer is for all of us who are suffering in sickness, injury, departure, loneliness, overwhelming regrets, unrecoverable embarrassment, and hopeless situations in this world. A painful cry of death, man's prayer, is an urgent request, but somehow and sometimes answered in silence.

We have some prayers that need to be answered, but we are confused by his 'silence.' Lessons in obedience and perseverance are how we try to understand God's will, but I believe God is with us in our suffering and pain. He bears much more than we could ever know. So I call him our suffering God.

Some prayers he answers in his perfect will, which is not always what we think. But no matter what, he takes his portion in our pain, and our death, he takes away. God is present with us in life and even in our death.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Be


Faith of God
Created world of science
And us, who reason in between.

Power is granted freedom to choose
To know by myself
Or to believe what He says;
And I often wonder,
“Did God really say…?”

The tree
bears good fruit,
pleases my eye,
and is desired to make me wise

So I ask myself:
Which way I go?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eight Blessing

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu

Show us Your kingdom, O God;
guide our poor spirits to home.
Comfort us with Your strength, O God;
turn our mourning into joy.
Teach us to be kind and thrifty, O God;
so we may love and adore Your earth.
Fill us with Your righteousness, O God;
so we are never in hunger and thirst.
Grant Your mercy upon all, O God;
so we may share Your blessing to all.
Purify our heart and mind, O God;
so we would see Your blossomy glow.
Let us make peace among all, O God;
so we may not disgrace Your name.
Bring us to Your kingdom, O God;
we are persecuted for righteousness' sake.
Bless us , bless us, and bless us, O God;
Through our savior Christ Jesus
that You turn all our troubles into joy!

Mat 5:3-12

We Ask For

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Our loving Father, in Jesus' name we ask.

We are Your beloved and You always answer;

Bring us into Your kingdom, so we may live in peace forever;

Bless us with Your Power,

With Your Love we can conquer all;

Crown us with Your glory,

It's our birthright to be Your children.

Worship to Your Word

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Light comes in Your Word,

Day begins in Your Word,

Night falls in Your Word,

Heaven shines in Your Word,

Land left ocean in Your Word,

Earth fruits in Your Word,

My sun, my moon and my stars,

Stand for Your word.

My fish, my birds and my pets,

Play in Your Word.


We were born in Your Word.

And we rest in Your Word.

My dear Eve (Adam), My dear Bone (Flesh);

We fall in love in Your Word.


Your Word created the world,

Your Word created life,

Your Word created me,

Your Word created us,

Your Word is love and beloved.


In the beginning was Your Word,

And Your Word was with You,

And Your Word was You,

All things made in Your Word,

In Your Word, there is life;

The light of us,

In the life of Your Word,

Your Word came for us,

Your Word became ours,

Our Love, our Life, our World,

Our Lord and our God,

Amen in Your Word.

THE LORD is my Lover

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

LORD, You are my Lover; in You I build my dreams.

Let Your Heaven rain down Your love on me.
Let Your Blessings kiss my soul with Your Sweetest Mouth.
Let Your Earth produce fruits through the root of Your Love.

I shall be an evergreen, fruiting in all seasons.
I will be a blossom which basks in Your light and shines in all colors.
I am a fish and You are my ocean; in You I swim free and in you I live and play.

You are the blood in my vein, running through every part of my body.
You are the heart of my being, pumping every beat of my life.
You are the spirit of my soul, from the beginning and never ending.

Word of God

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

The Word of God

I feed;

The Word of God,
I trust;

The Word of God,
I serve.


How Does He Love Me?

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
(Inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 43 - How do I love thee?)

How does He love me? Let me count His ways.
He loves me to the depth and breadth and height
His soul's almighty reach, when His figure out of sight.
For the end of my ways, and my new being.
He loves me to the level of everyday's
Most unknown need, by salt and light.
He loves me freely, over men's rules and curse.
He loves me purely, as they preach and praise.
He loves me with His passion for world to abuse.
His comfort for my griefs, and strength for my unseen faith.
He loves me with a love I dare not to lose.
On His lonely journey, - He loves me with His breath,
Smiles, tears, and His painful agony! - For God already chose
that He shall love me beyond death.

Son of Nun

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
(Reversa to Emily Dickinson's Son of None)

Lord divided sea - Moses behind-I AM,
Lord invited us - A Land before-I AM,
I AM - Who - I AM
Life is the bread of heaven,
doeth come down, and feedeth;
His Will - be done - as we pray
is a complete - gracious Gift.
Who Is He - Son of Nun,
the Promise - 14th of Hebrew's Abraham,
the King - 14th of Isreal's David,
the Messiah - 14th after Judah's Rebuild;
Himself - the One - waited and rejected;
Himself - the One - eternal and unchangeable.
In One - and only thru Him-
Son of Nun obtained his name - by His glorious Name.
'Tis Sign before us - His Son-
'Tis His Son in us and with us-
A Light shines in the darkness-
And Mary wept and rejoiced-
Her Son visited us-
the slaves of the world - found rest!

Prayer of the Passion of the Christ

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

O my loving Lord, Christ Yeshua;
My suffering is thy crown,
that deeply hurt thy forehead;
May thy wounded arms,
embrace me;
May thy wounded feet,
accompany my every step;
May thy injured heart,
always concerns me;
On my sinful cross,
shed thy Holy Blood;
and Thy loving Passion,
is my Redeeming Sacrifice.
Let my sins die with thee,
and my soul be restored in thee.

Like Father like Son

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Take me, O Lord,
Take my pride away,
Let it not blind my eyes,
So I can see you
Through a leaf or a stone.

Shield me, O Lord,
Shield me with your word,
So you would protect my soul,
Let my mouth be closed,
And my mind open.

Save me, O Lord,
Save me from the judging one,
Not you, Not them, But me,
So I would never criticize
All that belongs to you.

Love me, O Lord,
Love me as your child,
So everywhere I go,
The world will say:
Like Father like child.

Mission Prayer

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu

O Sweet Christ Jesus,
Lead us into Your death,
and baptize us;

O Sweet Christ Jesus,
Guide us to Your resurrect,
and teach us;

O Sweet Christ Jesus,
Prepare us for Your coming,
and send us.

God of heaven and earth,
Lead us into Messiah's death,
and baptize us;

God of heaven and earth,
Guide us to Messiah's resurrect,
and teach us;

God of heaven and earth,
Prepare us for Messiah's coming,
and send us.

Holy Spirit of God,
Lead us and baptize us
thru Christ's death.

Holy Spirit of God,
Guide us and teach us
thru Christ's resurrect.

Holy Spirit of God,
Prepare us and send us
for the next coming of Christ.

Christ has died;
Christ is risen;
Christ will come again.

Prayer of Children

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Our Father in heaven,
Who created heaven and earth;
You are our only Father
And we are your dear children;
Change us the way you want us to be,
Alter our life you would like us to live;
Forgive our wrongs and
Forgive others wronged to us
Let your love peace mercy,
Shine upon our image and soul;
Soak our life in your grace,
So we may live in your justice;
Thru the fire and love of our Lord,
We may light up the world;
Let our spirits be true,
With help of the Holy Spirit;
In you we have no fear,
In Christ we are saved,
In Jesus name we pray,
Father and the Son with the Holy Spirit.
Forever Amen!