Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Writer’s Prayer

Oh God, give me the drama of Shakespeare,
Give me the prose and guts of James Joyce,
Give me the eyes and sense of Jane Austen,
And mostly, give me your pen of creation,
That I may paint my work of passion
Thru the drops of my blood and beer,
To build a perfect world on this blank page
To make it to sing and dance,
To bring laughters and to draw tears,
To rip off the covers for truth,
To born anew of an undying faith,
To shake my foes’ hand with love,
To cleanse heart and to baptize mind,
To company the lonely soul with hope
Before your morning light breaks the night sky.

I usually do not pray before I write, only when sometimes I put down the vicious words with hatred thoughts, that moment I know I need a prayer, and sometimes I dare not to tell the truth so I also pray. I know many writers pray before they start, and often wonder what they pray before their life work: words, lines, plots, links, or how to tell the truth, pursue love and sow hope thru fiction. And the more classic and great works I read, I find out that they exist for a reason, a living person beneath all the fancy expression. So I pray I may tell a story that speaks truth touch everyone who reads or hears it.