Sunday, November 16, 2008

Creation (Genesis 1-3)

Creation (Genesis 1-3)
By Laijon Liu (20081117)

Your spirit, your word,
And your cry,
Bring light into my world.

Your touch, your fingertip,
And your breath,
Give red earth your soul.

Ruby sun, golden moon,
Over the sapphire seas,
Shine their eternal muse.

Upon your vast bloom field,
Snow peaks, jade valleys,
Where life roam in dream.

Now I’m awakened,
By your touch and breath,
So I can feel my bone and flesh.

And somehow I know,
Your love and my suffering,
Are blended into your soul.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What If He Didn’t Come?

What If He Didn’t Come?
By Laijon Liu (20081106)

What if He didn’t come?
I’d never dare to think.
Would Jordan still be clean?
For cleansing of right or wrong?
Would baby’s eye ever blink?
The purest light of heaven?
Burdened exile sitting in a stable,
And accompanied by cattle and hay.
At deep night would they sing?
Their happy hymn and psalm?

Empty manger, two pale faces,
And cattle stopped chewing hay.
Gloomy sky without starlights,
Vast plain stretch’d into valley.
Shepherds calling for their sheep,
And wind whistled with his grief.