Friday, October 5, 2007

God, I Can

by Laijon Liu 2007.10.05

God, I can see You in a mirror,
If I be humble and kind enough.

God, I can hear Your word of music,
If I seal my lips and focus.

God, I can stretch Your mighty hands,
If I am caring and generous.

God, I can speak in Your thunder,
If I be truthful and brave.

God, I can walk in Your famous sandals,
If my each step is for peace.

God, I can taste Your fruit of Wise,
If I grow a stomach of faith.

God, I can do all things You do,
If I truly follow the step of Grace.

God, I can serve Your will,
If I receive the message of Christ.

God, I can,
Coz/If in You I believe.

This poemprayer is to encourage all servants of Christ.
I think I sound pretty proud in this poemprayer, especially the last line. This to me is a self-examination poem, coz I don't ever recall I see God in a mirror, nor hear the word of music... I read and hear the words of Christ Jesus, but often wonder I really understand...
So, on the heading of the last line I put Coz/If to encourage/review when I need. I dare not to use "Coz" in every situation I know I am weak, and I pray I do not use "If" all my life, it is struggle now, but I believe one day I will take the "/If" off.