Sunday, August 26, 2007

THE LORD is my Lover

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

LORD, You are my Lover; in You I build my dreams.

Let Your Heaven rain down Your love on me.
Let Your Blessings kiss my soul with Your Sweetest Mouth.
Let Your Earth produce fruits through the root of Your Love.

I shall be an evergreen, fruiting in all seasons.
I will be a blossom which basks in Your light and shines in all colors.
I am a fish and You are my ocean; in You I swim free and in you I live and play.

You are the blood in my vein, running through every part of my body.
You are the heart of my being, pumping every beat of my life.
You are the spirit of my soul, from the beginning and never ending.