Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prayer of Children

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Our Father in heaven,
Who created heaven and earth;
You are our only Father
And we are your dear children;
Change us the way you want us to be,
Alter our life you would like us to live;
Forgive our wrongs and
Forgive others wronged to us
Let your love peace mercy,
Shine upon our image and soul;
Soak our life in your grace,
So we may live in your justice;
Thru the fire and love of our Lord,
We may light up the world;
Let our spirits be true,
With help of the Holy Spirit;
In you we have no fear,
In Christ we are saved,
In Jesus name we pray,
Father and the Son with the Holy Spirit.
Forever Amen!