Sunday, August 26, 2007

Worship to Your Word

Poemprayer by Laijon Liu
Edited by
Bibi Baxter

Light comes in Your Word,

Day begins in Your Word,

Night falls in Your Word,

Heaven shines in Your Word,

Land left ocean in Your Word,

Earth fruits in Your Word,

My sun, my moon and my stars,

Stand for Your word.

My fish, my birds and my pets,

Play in Your Word.


We were born in Your Word.

And we rest in Your Word.

My dear Eve (Adam), My dear Bone (Flesh);

We fall in love in Your Word.


Your Word created the world,

Your Word created life,

Your Word created me,

Your Word created us,

Your Word is love and beloved.


In the beginning was Your Word,

And Your Word was with You,

And Your Word was You,

All things made in Your Word,

In Your Word, there is life;

The light of us,

In the life of Your Word,

Your Word came for us,

Your Word became ours,

Our Love, our Life, our World,

Our Lord and our God,

Amen in Your Word.